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hey there as well as welcome to one more episode of the sitrep i am aquatic corps expert paul corbett and also a subject that lots of you out there have emailed us around is how does va compute your percent of service connected impairment or what several describe as va mathematics we'' re mosting likely to break it down barney style as well as with a really straightforward procedure to follow but initially do me a favor and also hit that like button and also make sure to subscribe so you don'' t miss future episodes and you can assist us get to as many experts as feasible so va mathematics just how is it that hypothetically an expert can receive 40 for their back 30 for their knee and also 20 for hearing loss which all amounts to 90 percent yet va honors you with 70 solution attached special needs instead the answer isn'' t really that hard to figure out when computing disability you want to very first begin with the largest and work down to the smallest as seen on the display beginning with the back we'' re mosting likely to take 100 which is the existing rest as well as we'' ll make even more sense soon and also subtract the amount of one hundred percent times forty percent it is very important that we bear in mind order of operations where we calculate what is in the parentheses initially which equals forty percent we after that deduct that from one hundred percent as well as we finish up with a remainder of 60 now with the knee we want to start with the remainder which is 60 percent a lot like the equation over 60 percent minus the sum of 60 times 30 percent which is 18 equals a rest of 42 percent we proceed this procedure for hearing we begin with the remainder from the previous line so we have 42 percent minus the amount of forty two percent times twenty percent which is eight factor 4 percent and gives us a rest of thirty 3 factor six percent currently that we have determined every one of our handicaps we desire to subtract the rest from 100 which would certainly be 100 minus 33.6 percent equates to 66.4 percent nevertheless va always rounds to the closest 10.

So in this instance your impairment score would certainly be rounded up to 70 percent this is necessary to remember though indeed you are rated at 70 impairment however your real score is 66.4 percent say you later get a 10 ranking for your shoulder the current remainder is 33.6 percent and when you follow the very same procedure as the other disabilities we calculated you finish up with the specific very same handicap ranking as in the past so keep in mind just due to the fact that you are granted new or a little greater percents of impairment it does not imply that your ranking will change it may remain the same one last thing there are unique scenarios where a veteran'' s handicap might be determined completely in a different way such is the instance with experts that are permanently handicapped have reciprocal injuries or other situations to find out more regarding this subject seek links in the video clip summary listed below and also extra significantly be sure to take a look at every one of our youtube playlists that cover va special needs pension plans health care home mortgage and a lot more you have inquiries about your va advantages and the sitrep has the solutions go to any of our 4 youtube playlists that particularly cover va healthcare va impairment va mortgage and also specialized topics pick from any of our playlists and also get in touch with the benefits you gained and should have

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