The Nexus Letter… The Missing Link Behind The Denial Of Veteran’s Benefits

What is a Nexus letter? My name is Zack Evans. I work at Woods and also Woods Lawyer in Evansville,
Indiana and also I method in the location of veteran'' s benefits. Allow ' s start with words Nexus. Nexus just implies connection, web link. I passionately call it the missing out on web link. As a matter of fact, the missing out on Nexus letter is the reason
that numerous professionals get on a lively go round of VA denials in their efforts to receive from
the federal government what they should have as a result of their solution to our nation. A Nexus letter is a statement from a medical
expert connecting a declared problem to an expert'' s time in solution. So this can be called the why behind
a service-connection claim. Or the why behind a boosted rating insurance claim. Or the clinical why behind a private unemployability
benefits claim. A Nexus letter should contain scientific assistance
for connection between the declared problem and the moment in service. So this can be as start evidence from a chronic
condition that started whenever the veteran remained in service.Or web links a claimed condition to a condition that is currently service-connected. We call the very first classification straight service link.
The 2nd group, additional solution link. Both sorts of connection call for a link. They call for that clinical Nexus statement, that Nexus letter, in order for you to win your case. So allow'' s start with an instance below. A veteran retires from solution, five years later is diagnosed with hypertension. If an evaluation of the expert'' s medical records shows up elevated blood pressure readings in the professional ' s solution therapy documents, a good Nexus letter from a physician will consist of discussion of these analyses chronologically to sustain hypertensive symptoms beginning in service.So what you desire is a medical professional looking at your chronology of therapy from your health care carriers, your time in the armed forces, that reveals a rise of your
readings. Some type of connection from your time in solution to your medical diagnosis and currently your case. An excellent Nexus letter likewise needs solid rationale If the Nexus letter itself is the why, reasoning. must be assumed of as the just how on
service link. It should address the concern, just how has this web link emerged in the expert ' s particular clinical proof? What makes the scientific web link real in this instance? So how does a scientific support for linking this chronic condition to this other chronic condition, why does that issue based on your file? Exactly how does that assistance you win your case? An instance of this, there ' s scientific support suggesting that a risk variable for high blood pressure is persistent pain.The veteran has a degenerative spinal condition that is service-connected and also triggers her extreme pain

. In several historical discomfort monitoring visits the expert offers with raised high blood pressure as well as migraines. A good Nexus letter will discuss the partnership in between these conditions with peer examined clinical posts. And also will certainly talk about just how the expert ' s history of blood pressure analyses fit with medical scientific research on the topic. A great Nexus letter will certainly additionally go over the
connection in between high blood pressure, persistent discomfort, and also migraines. Now an important point to keep in mind when you ' re. considering the idea of Nexus letters, the missing out on link as I call them in so lots of. of these VA rejections that professionals sustain, is the criterion whereby we advance and also win. these insurance claims before the VA.
As well as the standard is as likely as not. If it is as likely as not that the professional ' s. asserted problem is associated to their time in solution, or to a condition that is currently. service-connected, after that they win.Because medical Nexus letters are frequently the. missing out on link in a series of VA rejections, we get several telephone calls from veterans that have been.

previously refuted. We evaluate their file and also we see that there. is no clinical Nexus. We get a great deal of calls from veterans around.
how they ' ve been continually refuted from the VA and they ' re looking for help. If you have actually been continuously refuted a persistent. problem that you are specific is connected to your time in service,'give us a telephone call.

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