Scary! US Marines GAU-21 Machine Gun & M134 Minigun In Action

Video: Frightening! US Marines GAU-21 Machine Gun & M134 Minigun In Action

U.S Militaries with Marine Light Assault Helicopter Armada 169 give close air assistance from a UH-1Y Venom helicopter as well as AH-1Z Viper helicopter to for ground forces in control with Joint Terminal Attack Controllers during Solution Level Training Workout 1-21 at Marine Corps Air Ground Battle Center Twentynine Palms, The Golden State, Oct. 10, 2020. The training enabled Militaries with HLMA-169 to evaluate show technical efficiency with their weapons systems while operating with various other rotating and fixed wing assets

Video by Lance Cpl. Alexander Swimming Pool, Lance Cpl. Harold Johnson, Senior Airman Julian Kemper, Lance Cpl. Jackson Dukes

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    • Hung Phi

      Nhìn vũ khí của quân đội USA mà nhiều nước tè ra quần!! Súng máy mà quaz hiện đại

    • Roy Dunn

      @dona chump supporting sleeping r u

    • Nani Grg

      @Thùy Dung TV kĺooo

    • Ika Fajri17

      @Thùy Dung TV dd

  • michael naretto

    A minigun and a .50 together. It’s the way it should be….

  • oneshotpete 6.5

    what’s so amazing is that with all these high tech guns on these choppers , there still a form of the MAdeuce incorporated .. John M. Browning was truly a genius and way ahead of his time !! 😮

    • the golden doomslayer

      there’s a reason why his middle name was moses, lol

    • Cheetah Coats

      Hopefully Mr Browning was later reincarnated as someone who ended up on the receiving end of his genius idea.

  • The Elephant

    The older I get, the more I find myself thinking about how F’d up humankind is that we even need all of that

    • ust bot

      we are fucked up

    • Steve Lopez

      @chill bill Yup, one more thing we can do that animals can’t………. Kill from a distance.

    • Guy 123

      @Jay Abacromby well I dont

    • Jay Abacromby

      @Guy 123 I respect your opinion Guy.
      I make that comment in the hopes when governments that want to go to war learn that the people do not. Hence they refuse to enlist. Forcing a much more humanitarian, and civil resolve to their problems. Forcing the elimination of the aggression towards each other. Diplomacy is far more productive than aggression.
      I often think of how far along mankind would be if all the efforts to make war were put into education, and science instead.
      This you are reading from one who has been to war, and still suffers it’s effects more than 50 years later.
      Be well Guy.

    • EarthlingX

      “It’s in our nature to kill each other”

  • Donald Ducks

    When you’re the pilot to a multimillion dollar aircraft and you have the second best seat. Haha

    • Drain Monkeys

      For sure the gunner has the best seat

  • Donar Rivas

    Mostly, they are used for suppressive firing-support to alleviate the enemy firepower in close combat range, and to allow the supply flow into the defenders to start a counteroffense rally. These suppressive fires don’t require accuracy but pindown the enemy for rockets attack.

    • Петя Курин

      Привет. Ты, наверное, не слышал о противовертолетных минах? Или о том, что дальность стрельбы из ракетной установки в два раза больше, чем пулемёта? А средства РЭБ, например Красуха? Она просто отключит связь и заглушит двигатель вертолета километров за 30. Вы все еще хотите с мирными вьетнамцами воевать?

    • Петя Курин

      Вам в новостях не сообщали, как СУ-24 просто отключил все системы вашего авианосца? Просто пролетел рядом и выключил ваш хваленый корабль. Это огромный корабль, защищенный от всех помех. Что говорить о вертолете?

    • Adison Kro

      ,v sew yhnn

    • Jason O.

      The fact that “these suppressive fires don’t require accuracy” means there are rooms for improvement.

    • Plen122

      This is how I see us Democrats mowing down Republican votes in the elections.

  • miftah abidin


  • Gunny_Moto

    Great Video!! It was great seeing what goes behind the scene with our Marines! Thank you!!

  • gtr_05

    Damn powerful :O

  • ヒロシ真夏

    この固定されたような機関銃、、とても気持ち良さそうに撃っているな、、、羨ましい、、、自分も撃ってみたいと思うな❗️❗️❗️ でもヘリからの銃撃はとても難しそうだね❗️❗️❗️

  • bujgkhjio

    The older I get, the more I find myself thinking about how F’d up humankind is that we even need all of that

    • StackH 8822

      That’s why it is said that to maintain peace ,you need to be ready for a war .

    • Cheetah Coats


    • Searching for Ufos

      These are the small weapons, in big war then its multi war head nuclear missiles


    Hard to believe the GAU 21 is a 100 year old design…..Browning was a genius.

    • ScoMu7eD

      Or insanely evil.

    • changbooger J

      @ScoMu7eD not or

      But and

  • John Dewey

    Highly trained teams combined with solid American technologies, definitely not designed for duck hunting!

    • viivi

      All that could not beat Taliban.

    • 김미영

      미국넘들이 인디언 저렇게 죽었잖아

    • Venezz rok

      Taliban had CIA help so it’s not entirely fair either 😉

  • Muhammad Nasir

    But the fact is that they failed very badly in Afghanistan and defeated very shamefully against 70k Fighters with Ak47 and rocket loucher lol 😂

    • Prince Singh

      Lol dude u don’t even know full story and came to write ur fkin wrong opinion with wrong grammer. Bhaiya mere afganistan chod diya America me tab tumhare talibanio ne kabza kiya us pr nahi toh 20 saal se maar kr rakhi toh thi Puri talibaan ki

  • glo

    Rapid firing equipment has two disadvantages, large amount of ammunition consumption, ammunition replenishment.

  • Gra Mat

    USA strong👍 Америка конечно мощь. И когда им выгодно они всех в щепки разнесут👍

  • Sanek Best

    Страшно тем, кто снизу вооружён карабинами прошлого века.

  • Руслан Калмен

    У американцев мошние пулемёты без одачи стрелять

  • Aldrick Ex Gladius

    The only thing scary about it would be being on the wrong side of the barrel. Everything else about it is awesome.

  • xogud

    저렇게 맘 놓고 사격을 할수 있는 환경이 부럽네요.
    우리나는 좀은 지역에 국한된 극히 적은 수의 지정된 타켓외에 거의 없는데..
    그나마 시끄럽다고 훈련장 다른데로 옮기라고 맨날 시위를 하고…

    • 탄띠 다 주우라고 옘병하죠ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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