Vecna’s childhood home from ‘Stranger Things’ goes on sale for $1.5 million

“Stranger Things” superfans can now live in the very same house where season 4 villain Vecna first developed his supernatural powers — if they dare.

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Catch sight of a bright fireball in the sky this week

Never mind that Halloween is over, because “Halloween fireballs,” as NASA calls them, can still be seen blazing bright in the night sky over the next few weeks, thanks to the Southern Taurids meteor shower.

3 European neighbors and their record-breaking train and tunnel projects

The longest-ever passenger train has launched in Switzerland, a century-old tunnel has opened up under Niagara Falls, a new cheese was crowned the world’s best and a bread sculpture of Harrison Ford has mouths watering in California.

Guy Fawkes Night: What those fireworks and bonfires are all about

Every year on November 5, skies across England, Scotland and Wales are illuminated by fireworks as Brits head out into the night to enjoy Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.

Podcast: Anderson Cooper takes us on a deeply personal exploration of loss and grief

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Prince William’s Earthshot prize announces finalists

The Earthshot Prize, an ambitious initiative founded by Prince William to help tackle some of the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges, has unveiled its 15 finalists for the 2022 edition.

Opinion: The ocean’s ‘blue carbon’ can be our secret weapon in fighting climate change

Even as climate change is killing our seas, making them warmer and more acidic, we find hope that the ocean is increasingly being positioned not just as a victim of climate change, but rather, a solution.

Why high temperatures can make planes too heavy to take off

Our planet’s rising temperatures are making it harder for planes to take off at certain airports, presenting yet another challenge to civil aviation. And as heatwaves become more frequent, the problem could extend to more flights, forcing airlines to leave passengers on the ground.

At least 1 dead, multiple people missing in Oklahoma after more than a dozen tornadoes hit 3 states, officials say

Severe thunderstorms will continue to threaten parts of the south-central US Saturday morning after a powerful system that spawned tornadoes moved across the region, damaging homes in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Wells are running dry in drought-weary Southwest as foreign-owned farms guzzle water to feed cattle overseas

Workers with the water district in Wenden, Arizona, saw something remarkable last year as they slowly lowered a camera into the drought-stricken town’s well: The water was moving.

The FAA is being flooded with complaints about seats shrinking on planes

Experts say airline seats have gotten smaller over the years while Americans grow larger. Under pressure from Congress and passengers, the Federal Aviation Administration is now looking into whether seats are too tight to rapidly evacuate as well as comfort complaints. CNN’s Pete Muntean reports.

America has an antisemitism problem and victims cannot be left to fight it alone, rabbi says

The United States seems awash in antisemitism, and it isn’t just the usual suspects like the White supremacists and the avowed hatemongers. Now it’s spouting forth from its superstar musicians and athletes, as well as its politicians, and it appears to be trickling down.

Nike suspends relationship with Kyrie Irving

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‘Can we Google it?’: CNN reporter checks local GOP official’s voting claim in interview

They’re inspired by lies and baseless claims of election fraud. Now, just days before the midterms, there are new concerns about self-proclaimed poll watchers and fears they could intimidate voters. CNN’s Elle Reeve reports.

With Twitter in chaos, Mastodon is on fire

In the week since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the number of people signing up for a small social network called Mastodon has surged.

A fugitive from New York was arrested after a federal inspector spotted him while on vacation at Walt Disney World

Federal official Jeff Andre was vacationing at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom near Orlando last month when he spotted a man who looked familiar.

How Georgia’s early voting in the midterm elections has broken records

Gabriel Sterling, the chief operating officer for Georgia’s Secretary of State Office, tells CNN’s Jake Tapper about the state’s record early voting numbers in this year’s midterm elections — and what he thinks that says about the state’s new election law.

Missing pregnant Arkansas mom and baby found dead in Missouri after couple allegedly kidnaps her

A Benton County, Arkansas, woman last seen on Monday and the baby she had been pregnant with are both dead in McDonald, Missouri, and a couple is facing charges in connection to the case.

What to know about the $1.6B Powerball jackpot

The “world’s largest lotto prize ever offered” — an estimated $1.6 billion jackpot — is now at stake in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, the multi-state game operator said Friday.

These battery-powered shoes make you walk 2.5 times faster

“Moonwalkers,” developed by Pittsburgh-based startup Shift Robotics, are not roller skates. The battery-powered shoes can boost walking speeds up to 7mph and adjust to a user’s walking pattern by using a machine learning algorithm.

‘Westworld’ canceled by HBO after 4 seasons

HBO is pulling the plug on its futuristic drama “Westworld.”

A priceless fossil destroyed in WWII has resurfaced in an unusual way

The first complete skeleton of a prehistoric marine reptile was thought to be lost forever in a bombing raid in London in 1941.

California district loses half of its student teachers after banning critical race theory

Conservatives on the Placentia-Yorba Linda School Board in California recently banned critical race theory, which resulted in the loss of half its student teachers. CNN’s Natasha Chen has the story.

A travel fee that’s dropping: TSA PreCheck

At a moment when it seems like everything is getting more expensive, there’s at least one travel convenience that will cost air travelers less.

‘Calendar Girls’ shows senior women like you’ve never seen them (but probably should)

Wearing matching glittery unicorn hats, rainbow tutus or white furry boots, a troupe of 30 senior women have built a reputation across Southern Florida with choreographed dances to pop songs. Called the “Calendar Girls,” the dancers aren’t professionals, but put on 130 shows per year — and do their own makeup and styling from YouTube […]

Musk lashes out in interview as brands pause Twitter ads

The same day Twitter began laying off employees across the company, Elon Musk talked early struggles and his future vision for the company during an interview at the Baron Investment Conference.

The truth about how often you should wash your hair

A recent report about a cancer-causing chemical being detected in some dry shampoos may have you rethinking your hair care routine. But experts say there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should wash your hair — or what you can do to maintain it on the off days.

How to survive a shark attack — or better yet, avoid one entirely

First things first: Despite some truly terrifying tales of survival, you are incredibly unlikely to be duking it out with a shark any time soon.

A great white shark photobombed a photographer’s snap of a surfer

A savvy photographer captured an unexpected, last-minute entry into a surf contest: a great white shark, terrifyingly close to a surfer.